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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Les Privat Toefl (Soal Toefl Pilihan Ganda)

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1.............. can teach us about the micrology in a good way so it is easy for us to understand the lesson
a.The profesor always           b.The profesor is always       c.Profesor always      d.The prfesor is always

2.....................,he always doesn't like to do the homework,and doesn't like ger u early in the morning
a.The Joe is lasy boy       b.Joe is a lazy boy       c.The Joe is boy lazy     c.Joe is lasy boy

3.One of the major lesson of study that Mr anderson and Mrs John smith ........is nursing
a.Is considering        b,consider           c.considers          d.considered

4.You must rent ...... house and other things  because you just have little money
a.Expensive       b.cheap          c.the cheper        d.the cheapest

5.If you don't do your duty in a good way and on time,you will have ..........................
a.No big salary.  b. not big salary. c. a big salary   d. not have a big salary

6.Some ...................... in the garage.so you  will not see them more out site of it
a.of the car are     b. the car of is c. the of the car is    d.the of of are

7. ..............................Avocados in the refrigerator  so you can eat them as you like
a.Many              b.there are many         c.are there many       d.many there are

8.There .......... sugar in the botle,so I and my closest friend can not drink sweet water
a.Not many         b.is not many        c.is not a lot of     d.is no a lot of sugar

9.If I have enought books I ...........give you and your mother more than one
a.Will                 b.would            c.will have            d.will have been

10.The weathe in the village ........ you need to bring a thick sweater ,so will not get sick
a.Are cold  enought           b.is enought cold        b.is cold enought    d.are enought cold

 11.Some of  the building are rukos, are shops, and the others are movies,you can choose which you want to buy
a.The another       b.the anothers     c.the others           d.the other

Les Privat Toefl (Article Dan Contoh Soal Grammar )

Les Privat Toefl ( Article Dan Contoh Soal Grammar )
Belajar toefl untuk persiapan menghadapi test toefl tidak terlalu sulit,memang perlu banyak latihan  dalam mengejarkan soal- soal,untuk anda yang grammarnya sangat minim anda  perlu mempelajari grammar dari dasar terlebih dahulu,sedangkan untuk anda yang grammarnya agak lumayan bisa langsung latihan menjawaba soal - soal toefl, test toefl terdiri dari grammar,reading,dan listening,namum ada juga yang terdiri dari reading,writing,speaking,listining,dan grammar,nilai toefl yang di perlukan berbeda  - beda ada yang di bawah 500, pas 500 dan ada juga yang 6,5 dan tergantung dengan kebutuhan yang anda perlukan,biasanya yang paling banyak mengalami kesulitan adalah dalam menjawab soal grammar,yang sebenarnya bukanlah suatu masalah ,asalkan anda mengetahui trik- trik menjawabnya yang akan dilbimbing oleh  guru pembimbing.Soal grammar yang sering muncul andalah conditional sentence,kalimat fasive anda aktive,tenses,gerund,infinitive,dan pengunaan who,whom,which,that,when,where,how,verb phrase, dan verb verb with prefosition,transitve,intransitiv verb,penggunaan to,so,neiter,either, perbedaan penggunaan too,so ,dan very,penggunaan,perubahan dari kata  kerja kerja  ke kata benda,dan kata sipat,dan causative,nah itulah yang biasanya sering muncul pada test toefl,ada cara khusus untuk bisa menhafalkannya yang akan di bimbing oleh guru pembimbing yang bukan hanya  untuk menjawab grammar tapi juga reading,writing,speaking,dan listening atau seseuai yang anda butuhkan,

Contoh soal - soal grammar

1.Mr Willie ,the writer from USA are the one of the cleverest writer,who ever stayed in many countries
                          a                         b                                                  c                                 d
2.Althought the police has made many observation.but he never found  the robber who they saw 
         a                               b                                              c                                  e
3.Ring's book shop is a very complete so that many people like to vist it to buy  many books
        a                                 b                                c                                                d

4.Rob and his brother like to collect like to collect animals such a beautiful birds,snakes,rabbits and cats
                  a                                                                       b                               c                          d

5.The president of that country with his ministers are able to care their country
           a                           b                                 c                         d

6.After I see for many times I was interested in buying the house located on that mountain
                a                    b                                   c                         b

7.If I can run in that game as slow as  them of course I can not be number one in that game
                                 a            b                                         c           d

8.The institute of harvard university make extensive exercise to their student, so that they can answer
                             a                                     b                                c                                d

9.Every people in that country had hope that the development of their live become well
           a                         b                                         c                                 d

10.It is such the beautiful day that I can go with my family to that beach and we can continue our
                             a                                               b                     c
     journey to the mountain.
 11.Mr Willie, the writer from USA are one of the cleverest writer who ever stayed in many countries
                            a                          b                                            c                                 d

12.Althought the police has made many observation,but he never find the robber who they saw
          a                                b                                             c                                d

13.Before I watch the movie in the cinema I knew how that I made me afraid
                     a                               b                       c                             d

14.The solder train his followers and make them showing their ability to make sure that they have
           a                           b                                    c        
     already understood the lesson.

15.Would you please don't come late to my party because I am afraid yoou won't ger cofortable
         a                        b                                          c                                                      d

16.I have brother he likes to collect the stamp he has many a lot of stamps in his cupbaord
         a                     b                                                             c                             d

17.There are many students want to study to te abroad because they think they will ger great deal
                           a                                                            b           c                                 e

18.Your son still in the senior hight school.He is different from other students althought he is as  age as them
                     a                                          b                                       c                                  d

19.The decition to punish the employees who always come to the office lately it is very good
                 a             b                              c                                         d    
20.The shop that sells many things for some need,is visiting by many people in the world
              a                              b                     c                          e

21.I listened the news from your friends that you have gone to bali for 5 years.if ypu don't mine i would like
          a                    b                    c                                                       d
you to tell me about your experience

22.I see many things in that office such as table book ,and read lamp all of them is set well
         a               b                         c                                 d

23.Some people like the bird amd it keep in the ,so it can't fly freely
        a                             b                  c                      d

24.The kingdom of that country has been considering seperating their state to make them free from the
                 a                                                     b             c                         d

25.The alarm told to the owner that must she get up at five o'clock in the early morning when she still slept
                       a                                b                                                      c                                  d 
well  last night

26.Althougnt Mrs margarete Antoni is a verry busy woman,she always do the duty by himself,she never ask
                           a                                           b                         c                                d
 people to do that

27,A war composer,Willian Janet used experiences of him for some of his most famous books to inflluence
                                    a                             b                                       c                          d
the buyers

28.Fifty-eight national sites are known as garden,another seventy seven as hotel and the another eighty four
                          a                                b                            c                                          d
as forest

29.After the rain felt,you saw the rainbow on the sky , they consist of many colour,they are very beautiful
                  a              b                 c                                                               d

30.Despite of the situation is not good ,the emperor still does his duty on time and never feelst tired beca -
          a                                    b                                                             

31. On the lonely street Mr and Mrs smith didn’t see any one but after they walked  for a long time
             A                                                b                                    c
,it seemed that there was some one ,they said it was her,to that lady
32..I am so sorry ,I can not decide to you because I want to tell it first to m y boss.if he agree ordering
                   A                                  b                                    c                                                                              d
to you I will contact you

33.The book that I lent you having a good bibliograpy that’s why if you want to borrow it you must
                  A                                  b                                                                       c
return it soon
34.Before she runs the computer program,she had checked it out with her supervisor
                     A                                            b                  c                       d
35.Because  of his sicknes ,he must postpone to fly to the london ,he  plan to go there next week
          A                                             b                        c                                      d
36.In my opinion,it too soon to make a decision ,you must considere it for a long time if you need his
                   A                                    b                                                  c
advice you call him
37.Arizona with a vary dry climate and hot weather  from morning until afternoon ,even in the night
            A                                 b                                 c                                                                    d
38.Mr Robert  miss watches the film which tell about a wise man when  I am travelling
                                         A                       b                                 c                   d

39.We can’t help wonder why she left her house for a long time .after she makes i in a good
                     A                            b                                      c                                            d
  use he has a big responsibility to his people
 40.The government who has tried to overcome all the country problem by making many observation to
                                  a                  b                                 c                        d
many things

41.My habitual it is washing my hand after I had breakfast ,I never forget that because my parents taught me
                             a                                      b                                 c
to do it from I was child
 42.The the beautiful rich lady with black t-shirt and white bag on which the flower is decorate
                                  a            b                               c                           d
43.The car with black colour runs very fastly and hits the three in fron of that yellow statue
                    a                                         b                         c                             d
44.She has been punishing by the teacher because she didn't make the homework that she gave last friday
                  a                                               b                    c                                         d
45.The sweet potato you bargained two days ago was planted at the bank of the river near the coconut tree
                          a                             b                             c                           d
46.My close  friend invited me and my sister going to the europe for her  party four days ago
               a                         b                           c                                        d
47.The young beautiful lady with expenve rings who join you in the meeting in factory fo than company
              a                                        b                 c                              d
48.The man comes to your office on linkrood no 23 with the green suitcase in his shouder comes from USA
                      a                              b                                      c                   d
49.The girl who dances beautiful on the stage in the indipendence day  is the owner of that office
                    a                   b                               c                                        d
50.If you promiced to do some things,never think  whether it  is big or small,you must do it on time
          a                                      b                                     c                                 d

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Importan Irregular Verb ( Kata Kerja Yang Penting,( Untuk di inggat) )

Mengenal,dan menghafalkan kata kerja Regular verb sangat penting untuk bisa menjawab soal - soal pada tes toefl terutama pada soal grammar ( tata bahasa ) karena regular verb adalah kunci sebagai kunci utama anda untuk mengetahui bentuk kalimat,apakah bentuk Present Tense  (Bentuk kebiasaan sehari- hari), Future Tense, ( bentuk yang tejadi pada masa mendatag ) Past Tense (Bentuk masa lampau ).aaau peraturan tata bahasa lainnya yang bisa di ketahui bentuknya dengan mengenal kata kerja,yang dimaksud dengan kata kerja regular ( Kata Kerja Beraturan ) adalah kata kerja yang pada bentuk present,future dan past tense yang perubahannya tidak beraturan seperti contoh di bawah ini:

      < Be                was/ were           been
< Beat               beat                    beaten
< Become          became              become
< Begin              Began                Begun
< Bite                 bit                      bitten
< Begin              Began                Begun
< Bite                 bit                      bitten
< Blow               blew                  blown
< Break              broke                 broken
< Choose           choose                chosen
< Come              came                  come
< Do                  did                      done
< Draw             drew                   drawn
< Drink             drank                   drunk
< Drive              drove                   driven
< Eat                  ate                        eaten
< Fall                 fell                       fallen
< Fly                  flew                     flown
< Forget             forgot                   forgotten
< Forgive           forgave                forgiven
< Freeze             froze                    frozen
< Get                  got                       gotten
< Give                gave                    given
< Go                   went                    gone
< Grow               grew                   grown
< Hide                hid                      hidden
< Know              knew                   known
< Ride                rode                    ridden
< Run                 ran                       run
< See                 saw                      seen
< Shake             shook                   shaken
< Show              showed                showed
< Shrink             shrank                  shrunk
< Sing                sang                      sung
< Speak              spoke                   spoken
< Steel                stole                    stolen
< Swear              swore                  sworn
< Swim                swam                  swum
< Take                  toke                    taken
< Tear                   tore                    torn
< Throw                threw                 thrown
< Wear                  wore                  worn
< Withdraw           withdrew           withdrown
< Write                  wrote                 written
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