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Monday, April 5, 2010

Les Privat Toefl Di Jakarta Timur

Les Toefl  Di Jakarta Timur.
 08788 514 0994 / 0819 088 12 519 / 08788 514 0994.Untuk anda yang berada di jakarta timur dan ingin belajar toefl anda bisa menghubungi nomor telepon diatas.Ini adalah Les Privat Toefl yang menerima semua murid yang perlu belajar toefl anda akan dibimbing oleh guru yang telah berpengalaman,guru pembimbing adalalh guru yang ramah,sabar dan bersahabat,menerima murid di wilayah Jakarta,Jakarta Barat,Jakarta
Timur,Jakarta Utara,Jakarta Selatan,Jakarta Pusat.Materi pelajaran sangat lengkap,listening,writing,
grammar,dan writing comprehension,

Berikut adalah contoh soal - soal grammar,
In the bellow sentences,find the wrong one,please correct them
(Pada kalimat di bawah carilah kata yang salah dan silahkan perbaiki )
1.May I  know in what beuty salon you go .I like the way you had the beautician done
    your hair,I want to cu  my hair too in that place
2.You can't rent this house unless you have a cridit card for paying ,we don't receive it ,
    we just need cash payment,so you can't buy this things
3.Greseliv repuse the statement that he is a goodman in his job  created new
   business for many people in this big country
4. Because of The problem to be overcome two days ago, Jame is happy ,he has no problem anymore
5.The house needs pain,but we plan to wait until next summer to do it,because it in the dry season
6.It is said that,the gost thah has yellow longdress come in the night,so many people afraid of that
7.The black Smith comes to your office in the afternoon,with his servant who work in the village
8.Various species must begins their development in milar ways for the embryos of a fish and a cat
    appear to be very similar during the earth stages
9.Some teachers argue that students who used to using a calculator may forget how to do mental
   calculation that make dangerous for their habit
10. Last year American spended two as much money for pet food as they did for baby food
11.Secretaries are eligible higher salaries when they know shorhand in a few years ago
12.A new automobile needs to tune up after the first five thousand miles,it is very importand
    to make it always in good condition.
13.Financial planners usually recommend that an individual saves two to six month incoome
     for emergencies.
14.Local students must have the knowledge as hight as a foreign student tobe a winner in the
    game,so they must always make exercise.
15.My mother advice me to choose the university that can teach about medical.because she
     wants me to be a good doctor after I was ground up
16.The musik in ancien country almost all them made of wood  cut in small
17.My sister had used us to give her present for her birsday that will  be held on sunday
18.Mr Willie the writer from USA,are one of the cleverest writer who ever stayed in many
     countries and can speak many countries
19.Ring's book shop is a very complete so that many people like visit it to buy many books
20.Rob and his brother like to collect animals such a beautiful birds,snakes,rabbits,and cats
21.The president of that country with his ministers are able to care their country
22.After I see for many time, I am interested in buying the house located on that game
23.The institute of harvard university  make extensive exercise to their student so that tthey can answer.
     all the difficult question
24.Every people in that country had hope that the development of their live become well
25.It is such the beautiful day that I can go with my family to that beach and we can continue our
     journey to the mountain
26.The lady who works in big company across the street,is so beautiful secretary that many man want to 
     become her wife.
27.I would like you to teach me swimming in the afternoon because it is too cold go to swim in the
     morning and in the night.
28.Mr Golberd who stays next door to me looks happily,because her son has recover form the skin
     deseases that makes him suffer more than 5 years
29.The wood from my country is different than that from your counry,it very strong and heavy
30.On the way come back home Mrs yudi was kidnapped by some one,she cried loudly between
     many people,but they don't help them
31.You turn left.go straight a head,turn right across the street,the restaurant is the sixth street over there
32.Nextholiday I and my husband want to have holiday in the hodwald river,it is expensive and long
    journey so we must spend much money
33.Micle is my friend, I know him from chatting ,he lives at the United States in the apartement no 45
35.Goodmorning sir,I want to meet Mr Jack he stay in the apartement on Jalan groth river
36.Ruddy was born for 1994,I can know it from his identity card that he put on the chair near the television
    two weeks ago
37.Melly Rockly and  her daughter make the obsevatiion about the ant for know the ant takes food
    together and bring it to the nest
38.Father works hard to get money,it is because his son who has hight ambition to  become a specialist
      doctor for few month next
39.Mr anderson had to balance his money very carefull because he hadn't  much money
40.The bus was silent there is only few passengers in it ,a pickpocket come,he took wallet
      and it was is kept him  in pocket

Nah,... latihan diatas adalah latihan untuk mencari kalimat yang salah kemudian memperbaikinya,anda akan dibimbing oleh guru pembimbing cara mengetahui kalau kalimat itu salah,caranya sangat gampang,ada trik - trik khusus sehingga anda dapat menjawab soal dengan gampang,

 Dengan anda belajar toefl di Les Privat Toefl Di Jakarta.tujuan anda untuk mencapai nilai tertentu untuk mencapai pendidikan anda yang lebih tinggi atau pun untuk karir anda yang lebih tinggi dapat di capai,sudah banyak yang berhasil kami bimbing,Selamat belajar toetl bersama kami,

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