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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Les Privat TOEFL Di Jakarta ( TOEFL Selatan,Pusat )

Tes toefl di laksanakan dengan tujuan untuk menunjukkan seberapa besar pengetahuan anda dalam bahasa inggris,baik berupa kemampuan lisan mau pun tulisan,yang di tujukan bagi mereka yang bahasa inggris di pakai bukan sebagai bahasa ibu,hasil test TOEFLmenerima pengakuan secara international,yang menguji kemampuan seseorang dalam bidang bahasa inggris baik conversation maupun grammar,yang benar yang sesuai dengan aturan tata bahasa bahasa bahasa inggris yang sempurna,

Test toefl di perlukan untuk pelajar yang ingin memasuki universitas tertentu yang menggunakan bahasa inggris sebagai bahasa pengantar,sehigga bagi colon mahasiswa yang nilai toefl tinggi adalah sangat menguntungkan  karena sebagai persyaratan untuk bisa mennikmati pelajaran yang disajikan oleh universitas tersebut

Kami menerima les privat TOEFL,untuk anda yang memerlukan privat toefl,anda akan dibimbing oleh tutor yang telah berpengalaman puluhan tahun dalam mengajar toefl,dengan guru laki / perempuan native / lokal,lulusan dalam dan luar negri,menerima murid yang berada di wilayah Jakarta Selatan dan Jakarta Pusat

1.The president of that country with his employee refuse ..........that agreement
a.receives    b.receiving    C, to receive         d.to receiving
2.They suggest ......her boss for discussing that problem for making a good decision
a.meet    b.met     c to meet   d meeting
3.Mr Bill can't help ... him for alang time in the airport where  many people crowded there
a.waits  b.waiting  c.to wait     d to waiting

4.Before she ..... about the computer program,she had bought many books about the computer
a.Studied     b.studying  c. to study     d.studying
5.She would,if she is in good condition,........you for your big problem
a.help     b. helping     c helps       d.helped

7;She  gets bad score,she must not have ...... hard before the examination yesterday
a studying     b,been studying       c.been studied       d.to study

8.The lamp in his room is on,he must be....... now
a.came     b. come     c.caming     d to come

9.Your friend must ,,,,,,,many shoes,she always give you a fair of every year
a. had     b.have    c have been    d has

10,She studies computer to that institution because she doesn.t know...... operat web design
a.be aperate  b.to operate   c.operating      d. operates

11.My friend can speak to all people in the world because because she knows ......well
a.English  very     b.very english       c.in english     d.on english

12.I would rather .......early in the morning although it is on sundah and saturday and I don't work
a.got up         b.get up          c gets  up         d.geting up

13.My sister said that she would rather ...by bus to the office instead of by private car
a. gone     b.go      c.went       d.is going

14.Mary would rather that you ........her  on your big party
a.invited       b;invite     c.invites      d.inviting

15.Although thousands of a lot of bears used to the Western plains of the United States,today only a gew thousand exist
a.roam     b.roams     c.roaming      d.roamed

16.I am going to make your sister .....overtime in this company so she will get much money
a.work        b.works        c.working         d.is working

17.The let the mobile .......at her room where she need to concentration for her job
a rang    b.ring        c.rung      d.rings

18.My teacher let us  a paper instead of taking a final exam
a.wtites      b.writing      c.is writing     d.write

19.She wants to have her car ..... as soon as possible.because need to meetin importand people
a.fix       b.fixes        c.fixing             d,is fixing

20.They can get Mrs John ..... at five o'clock to his office for having interview
a.coming      b.to come     c to coming     d.came

1.If the company didn't considered the expenses,it ....... bankrupt soon in the short time
a willl   b.would    c.willl be   d. would be

2.If scientists ........the observation.they will not get the complete data
a.didn't      b.doesn't    c.don't         d.weren't

3.If she ...you.she will agree to that decision
a.will     b.were       c.are       d.was

4.If she .......umbrella,she will not have got wet in the rain
a.had        b.has       c.will have   d.would

5.If they in their spare time ....harder for facing the examination,they will get a good score in the
   final examation
a.Study         b.Studied       c. studying       d. is studying
6.You if you your head on the water the same like you sleep on the carpet.yo would  not sink in  the
a.Put    b.puts     c is puting   d,puted
7.If the car is .......she will go to the police to give a report
a.Stole     b.stealing     c.stolen     d.is stolen
8.If the merchandice had been sent to that factory,the ....paid.on time while it come.
a.should       b.should have   c.should has     d.should have be
9.If she ......accepted to work in that foreign country,she would ger much salary every month
a.was      b.were       c.will         d.will be
10.they  still in the building of that office,she will not see her old close friend
a.were    b.was     c.are       d.is
12.Professor Baker in his decition, will consider ...... a good score in the examination
a.gave      b.giving     c.gaves       d.ing giving
13.She diny .....  the agreement in the meeting that she must spend half of her money for the
a.to approve      b.approving      c.is approving     d,approves
14.Her neighbor promise ......her bill to him at the end of this month,
a.paying      b,to pay       c,pays     d. is paying
15.They discuss .......the new product to that country for making foward their factory
a.selling      b.to sell     c to selling     d is selling
16.She in her old age just understood conversation in english better by practiceing english
    night and day
a,make     b. to make     c making     d,is making
17.The book that you buy in the book store need .......because the methode is already ancient
a.to revise     b revising      c.to revise     d,to revising
18.In order to have many customers the book store let the visitor to read the book for by sitting on
     the floor
19.she let the water in the refrigerator cold ,so she can drink it nicely in the hot weather
a.get cool     b.cool      c.cools       d.gets cool
20.Mother in her busy time always helps her son  the homework that is given by the teacher
a.doing     b.do     c. to do     d.did
21.Profesor Roggers make the student....... the essay on the correct way
a.write         b,wrotes         c.to write       d.writing
22.She gets her car  in the day time time so it can dry soon
a. washes         b.washig       c.to wash     d washed
23.The carpenter want to have his knive ....... in to new one
a.changed       b.is changed      c.changes      d,is changed
24.She make the computer ..... better by clening it after using it
a.work        b.works      c.is working     d,worked
25.she let the iron hot in the fire for making a good knife
a. gets hot    b.hot     c.get      d,gets hot

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