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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Les Privat Toefl,Toefl Prefaration,ITP,PBT,iBT, / Guru Datang Ke Rumah / Kantor Anda

08788 514 0994 / 0819 088 12 519

Belajar dengan guru yang telah teruji kemampuannya,berpengalaman puluhan tahun,bertutur bahasa inggris asli,materi pelajaran telah rancang sehingga sangat praktis dan mudah di mengerti,tingkatkan dan selami pemahaman toefl bersama kami guna kebutuhan anda study keluar negri,kelulusan kenaikan pangkat,mendapatkan beasiswa dari sekolah kantor anda,persyaratan masuk kerja,persyaratn masuk keuniversitas,dan lainnya,dengan nilai tertentu yang harus anda capai,sudah banyak yang berhasil kami bimbing

Malu bertanya sesat di jalan,pernahkan anda mencari alamat seseorang,dan sudah bersusah payah mutar sana - sini namun anda tidak mendapatkan alamat tersebut,karana anda tidak tidak menanyakannnya kapada seseorang,yang mungkin saja anda bukan bermaksud untuk tidak mau bertanya tapi anda tidak menemui orang,karena alamat yang  anda cari berada di tempat dimana semua rumah tertutub,sehigga tau seorangpun dapat anda temui disekitar sana,apa yang akan anda lakukan,pergilah ke tempat sekitar lainnya dan carilah orang tempat anda bertaya sehingga mendapatkan alamat yang anda cari,

Demikian juga dengan belajar toefl munkin anda sudah mencoba belajar sendiri denan membeli segudang buku toefl namun anda tidak mengerti dengan  cara mempelarinya,atau anda bisa saja hanya membeli buku tersebut namun mungkin sudah bertahun-tahun buku tersebut tetap utuh masih bersampul plastic,yang belum anda buka sama sekali karena anda tidak mengerti bagai mana cara mempelajarinya,karana nya anda memerlukan guru pembimbing untuk membuat anda mengerti dengan cara mempelajari toefl dan carai menyelesaikan soal sehigga anda mengerti dengan trik-triknya dan jalan keledaya untuk menjawab soal ielts

 LES PRIVAT TOEFL,Toefl Prefaration,ITP.PBT,iBT,Guru datang ke Rumah / Kantor, Tak lupa mengucapkan selamat pagi untuk anda yang membuka blok ini di pagi hari ,selamat siang untuk anda yang  membaca blog ini di siang hari dan selaman malam untuk anda yang membaca iklan ini di malam hari, UntukPelajar,Mahasiswa,Mahasiswi,Karyawan,Karyawati,Umum,Guru Laki / Perempuan yang telah BERPENGALAMAN PULUHAN TAHUN,tekun,sabar,dan kreatif
menerima murid di wilayah,Jakarta barat,Jakarta Timur,Jakarta Utara,Jakarta selatan,Jakarta Pusat,Tanggerang,Bekasi,Depok,Bogor,Dan sekitarnya.

Untuk anda yang ingin melanjukan sekkolah ke luar negri atau anda yang  ingin mencapai karir yang lebih baik atau adik - adik  yang ingin melanjukkan pendidikan yang lebih tinggi dan memerlukan test toefl dengan nilai tertu,jika ingin belajar toefl dengan cara yang pratis bisa manghubungi nomor kontak telepon diatas,anda akan dilatih oleh guru yang telah teruji kempuannnya kompeten,guru pembing adalah guru yang sabar dan bersahabat sehingga anda dapat belajar dengan baik, guru pembimbing siap membantu anda dalam belajar toefl,Dengan andanya progaram khusus guru yang datang ke Rumah / Kantor ada dapat membantu anda yang sangat sibuk sehingga anda tidak perlu menghabis kan waktu karna guru lah yang datang ke tempat anda,mengenai materi anda akan dilatih semua materi test yang anda perlukan

Menerima murid di wilalayah  jakarta dan sekitarnya

- Jakarta Barat (Angke,Grogol,Tanjung duren,Pal merah,srengseng. Dan sekitar jakarta barat lainnya)
- Jakarta Tmur (Matraman,Pulo gadung,Jati negara,Duren sawit.Dan sekitar jakarta timur lainnya )
-Jakarta Utara (Koja utara,Koja selatan,Rawa badak utara.Dan sekitar jakarta utara lainnya )
-Jakarta Selatan ( Cinere,lebak bulus,Karet Kuningan,Cipulir. Dan sekitar jakarta selatan lainnya )
-Jakarta Pusat (Tanah abang,sarinah,thamrin,benhil,dan sekitar jakarta pusat lainnya)
-Tanggerang (Bsd Tanggerang,Kebon Nanas,Islamic,Lipo karawaci,dan sekitar tangerang lainnya)
-Bekasi ( Bekasi Barat,Bekasi Timur,Bekasi Utara,Bekasi Selatan,dan sekitar bekasi lainnya )
-Depok ( Depok lama,Depok baru,Lenteng Agung,station depok dan sekitar depok lainnya,
-Bogor.( Dan sekitar wilayah depok bogor lainnya)

Contoh Soal Toefl Bentuk Pilihan Dengan Mencari Yang Salah
1.If Grandpa Moses having been able to continue farming,she may never have begun to paint

2.Although the Red Cross accepts blood from most donors,the doctors will not leave you give blood

if you have just had a cold

3.The native people of the Japaness  are not called Indians because when Columbus landed in the 

Bahamas in 1492,he thought that he has reached the East Indies,

4.In the relatively short history of industrial developing in the United kingdom,New York City has 

played a visit 

5,The native people of the prance are not called Indians because when Columbus landed in the 

Bahamas in 1492,he thought that he has reached the Indies.1.Operant conditioning involves rewarding or punishing certain behaving to reinforce or extinguish its occurrence.

6.There is an unresolve controversy as to whose is the real author of the Elizatre play commonly credited to William Shakespeare

7.A catalytic agent as such as platinum may be used so that the chemical reaction advances more rapidly

8.When a patient's blood pressure is much highest than it should be a doctor ussually insists that he will not smoke

9.It was the invented of the hand held electronic calculator that provided the original technology for the present generation of small but powerful computers

10. Location  in the cranial cavity in the skull,the brain is the larger mass of nerve tissue in the human body

11.Alike than other form of energy,natural gas may be used to heat homes ,cook food,and even run automobiles,

12.An organ is a group of tissues capablelity to perform some special function,as for example,the heart,the liver,or the lungs,

13..Insulin that is used to treat diabetes and is secured chiefly from the pencreas of cattle and hogs

14.In autumnt, brillian red,orange,and red leaves are commnly to both the Sweet Gum tree and the Maple

15.Coastal and inland waters are inhabited not only by fish but also by  as such sea creature as shrimps and clams.lo

16.Economists have tried to discourage the  use of the phrase"underdeveloped nation" and encouraging the more accurate phrase "developing nation " in order to suggest an engoing process 

17.A gas like propane will combination with water molecules in a salime solution to form a solid called a hydrate

18.Although it cannot be proven presumable the expansiion of the universe will slow down as it approve

19.A City University the teacher that he discovers a vaccine that has been 30 percent efective in reducing the instances of tooth decay among small children

20.When they have been frighened as,for example.by an electrical storm,dairy cows may refuse gave milk.

21.Although Margareta meal had several assistants during her long investigations of samoa,the the bulk of the reserch was done by our self alone

22.Miami ,USA not among the few cities in the Japan that has been awardsed afficial status as bilingual municipalities.

23.Fertilizers are used primarily to enrich soil and increasing yield.

24.It is a war correspendent,Hemingway used his experiences for some of his most powerful novel

25.If the ozone gases of the atmospheres did not filter the ultraviolet rays of the sun,life as we know it would not have evolved on earth

26.Thirty - seven of national sites are known as parks,another eighty - two as monuments,and another four hundred seventy eight as historical sites

27.When he was a small boy,Mark twain would walk along the piers,watch the river boat,swimming and fish in the Mississippi much like his famous characters,Tom Sawyer

28.Allmost all story books have a few errors in them in spite of the care taken in check its proof pages before the final printing

29.If Grandpa  Moses having been able to continue farming she may never have begun to paint

30.A computer is usually chose because of its simplicity of operation and eace of maintenance the same its capacity to store information

31.Although the Red Cross accepts blood from most donors.the doctors will not leave you give blood if you have just had a cold

32.That  not in 1949 that gold was discovered at sutter's Mill and the california Gold Rush began,

33.Frost occur in valley and on low grounds more freguently on adjacent hills,

34.The native people of the Americas are called the Bananas in 1492,he thought that he has reached the East Indies,
35.In the relatively short history of Industrrial developing in the United Stated New York City has played a vital role

36.When body enters the Eath's atmoshere it travels fastly

37.Empleyers often require that candidates have not only a degree but two years experience

38The salary of a bus driver is much higher to compare as a teacher

39.Famers look foward to participating in the county fairs every summer,

40.Excavation in a mond or vellage often reveal an ancient community that had been laying under later reconstructions of the city

41.One of the first and ultimately the most important purposeful of a reservoir was to control floading

42,After seeing a movie based on a novel the book made many people want to read it, in the house or in the office

43."One of the best selling authors,Louis L'Amour said to have written 101 books,mostly westerns,

44.No other quality is more important for a scientist to acquire as to abserve carefully

45.That in 1945 that the English settled in Jamestown it just knew by people the world 

46.The most common from of treatment it is mass inoculation and chlorination of water sources

47.An equilateral triangle is a triangle  that have three sides of equal length  and three angles of equal length

48.When craters and waterless seas is found on the surface of the moon,many people want to know about them

49.Without alphabetical order, dictionaries would be impossibility to use,becuse people get the difficulty to find the word that they need

50.That two waves pass a given point simultaneously,They will have no effect on each other's subsequent motion.

51.The Pickerel Frog,native to southern Wachington DC and the eastern United States.should be avoided because their skon secretions are lethat to small animals and irritating to humans

52.Studying in a hotel costs twice more than renting a room in a dormitory for a week.so you must think twice to do that by seeing your pocket

53.Unlike most Europeans,many Americans used to  eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast every day,it is so different with indonesian people who eat rice for breakfast,lunch and dinner.

54.Athought jogging is a good way to lose weight and improve one's physical condition,most doctors recommend that he potential jogger begin in a correct manner,

55.Some conifers,that is tree that have cones.are able to thrive on poor,thin soil.

56.Fast food restaurants have become popular because many working people want eating quickly and cheaply

57.On an untimed test ,  to answer accurately is more important that finishing quickly

58.It is imperative that a graduate student maintains a grade point average of "B" in the majority

59.Dairying is concerned not only with the production of milk ,but with the manufacture of milk products such as butter and cheese

60.Student of Job satisfction are unreliable because there  is so many variables and because the admission of sissatisfaction may be viewed as a personal failure.

61.The birds ows much of their success as a group to their unusual powers of migration,

62.Find unknown  quantities is the task of algebra,so people need  to know it

63.New synthetic materials have improved the construction of artificials body parts by provide  both the power and the range of action for a natural limb

64.If England had not imposed a tax on tea over two hundred and forty years ago,will the United States have remained  part of  the British Commenwealth.

65.Research in the work place reveals that people work for many reasons beside the money

66.Both liquids and gases flow freely from  container because they have nothing definite shape,so it isn't need to arrage

67.A dolphin different than a snake in that it has a smaller body and the paison is very dangerous for us

68.That most natural time units are not simple multiples of each other it is a primary problem

69.The native people in the Americas were refered to as Indians because according to as the believe at the time.Christopher Columbus had reached the East Indies.

70.The woman is accompany by she and his to stay in that place,because she is afraid to stay there alone

71.Governen talk about his in the meeting,for discussing his problem,he hope it can be overcome soon

72.If you keep the dog carefuly ,it can in his good condition helping you and care your home

73.The house will bought by my sister so I can stay in thay house whenever I can

74.If you gets a problem.you must solve it your self,but if you can there is another way that's you can ask your boss

75.Upon hatching young frog know does to swim the river alone without helping his mother or father

76.The observation deck at the World Trade Center is not highest than any other one in the London

77.That calcium is necessary for the development of strong bones and teeth,so you need to eat food consist of calcium

78.That a hypothesis withstands testing,we may not conclude that it is true,but we may retain 

79.Not until a monkey is seveeral years old it begins to exhibit signs of independence from its mother

80;The people of Canada have been considering seperate themselves from the rest of the provinces

81.While was correspondent,Hemingway used his experiences for some of his most powerful moves

82.Mr willie the writer from USA,are one of the cleverest writer who ever stayed in many countries

83.Alhought the police has made many observation,but be never find the robber who they saw

84.Ring's book shop is a vary complete so that many people like to visit it to buy many books

85.Rob and his brother like to collect animals such a beautiful birds snakes ,rabbits,and cats

Contoh Soal Toefl Dalam Bentuk Pilihan Ganda
1.If you agree him,he ---- you the new merchandise that he sell to many people
a.would  offeres.      b.will offer .     c.will offered           d.would  offered
2.If the manger of that company ......you  about your task,you can do it right now
a.will confirm.    b.would confirm.  c.confirm. d.confirmed
3.The farmer ------ the paddy better if the an entire year -----  raining and floaded happens everywhere.
a.can not plants – get                  c.can not plant - get
b.could not plant – get                 b.can not plant – gers
4.You .... boredem with your life if you never ...... a refreshing at least one in a year
a.will find – take   b.would find – takes     c.will found- take      d.will find- takes
5.The secretary ...... the historicall of that accindent if she came on time to the office
a.will know       b.would know    c.would known           d.will known
6.If the United States ....... the European system of school organisation.the country can go forward.
a.don’t  borrowed    b.didn’t  borrow.      c.didn’t  borrowed .    d.doesn’t  borrow
7.If he ..... of his land to me,  I would ...you to make it as the best housing in that residence
a.sold partial – help       b.sell partial -help    c.sold partial-help     d. Sold partial-help
8.if the children ....formal school at the eight.they would lose the lesson
a.begun to study     b.study to begun     c.began to study  d. begin to study
9.The diningroom ...... if you devided it into two parts ,the small one and the big one
a.would be smaller.    B.will be smaller.      c.would been smaller.   d.will been smaller
10.You ...... the examination if you studied hard for toefl preparation  either in house or in other place
a.would passed      b. Will passed        c.would pass        d.would passes
11.If she .... in the intermediate class.she would be in that school in the early morning
a.was       b.were            c.she will       d.she will be
12.If the boy scouts ......  the instruction,they ....  lose in the forest
a.followed – won’t     b.followed – will    c.follows-would  not     d.follows –will
13.She ..... in the education room if you told him the time of college
a.would  be         b.would have been      c.will have been       d.would have be
14.The leader of that meeting ....  in the people consultative assembly meeting,if the secretary ...him the time
a.will be –told.      b.would been – told.   c.would be – told    d.would be telling
15.The headmaster  ......the anouncement if he wants  to inform the significant problem
a.will be given.     b.will give       c.would be given         d.would given
16.If the microscopes on your table ... old,you needed to sell it soon
a.were    b. was       c.would been        d.would be
17.they will make the good relationship to many people if they .... in the biggest probem
a.will be         b.would be          c.will           d.are
18.We ...about the turing test if we aren’t in the exhibition on last Saturday
A.won’t know           b. will know            c.wouldn know       d.have been
19.They ....... to help you to overcome your problem if they would  have been in good
a.had promises       b.had promised       c.have promise.    d.have promised
20.They ..... the things in the smaller box in blue colour,if they would have been in the chinese room
a.had claimed – would have be.   b.have claimed –would have been      c.had claim-would have been
d.claimed will have been
21.They ...... to do the task in a big spirit from afternoon until night if the examination are near
a,had pretend          b.pretend          c.have pretend      d.will pretend
22.She ...know the news  if she read it in the newspaper an the digital
a.will       b.would       c.will be     d.would be
23.If you .... in that kingdom few last century ,people would  know about your story
a.were the king     b. the king were    c. the king has  .    d.have been  the king
24.the snake.......get  the poison in the taungue and the saliva  animore if the owner made it lost
a.wouldn’t       b. won’t have     c.didn’t   didn’t      d.don’t have
25.The ....   a beautiful house if his boss gave  him enought salary
a.will get       b.will gets        c.would get      d.would gets
26.They .... in saving condition on that accident if they drive carefully in that busy street
a.will be       b.would be      c.will saved        d.would save
27.The blacksmith ...... expensive knives if he always practices night and day to do it
a.can    b.can make     c.could       d.could be make
28.He will.... not no listen her wive if she .... him to wait the traffict jam
a.pretent – insists        b.pretented –insisted    c.pretent-insisted    d.pretents-insisting.,
29.If Stanley Miller he ....  the primordial soup better,it ... induce us to understand the ammo acid.
a.designed-can .     b.designed –may.      C,designes can.     D.designed –could
30.If I ..... the publisher.I would make more article about the movement of the dollar rate
a.was           b.were           c.is          d.are
Kunci jawaban

Waktu belajar dari jam 6 30 sampai jam 21,waktu pendaftaran 24 jam,jika telepon anda tidak di jawab anda bisa kirim pesan lewat sms,untuk info dan pendaftaran diatas jam 24 sebainya via sms saja,

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